Brussel Sprouts ~ a delicacy in the winter

I have been enjoying my three Brussel Sprouts plants so much this year!  So far, we have had about 6 meals from the three plants and more to come!

I love how Brussel Sprouts taste slightly like horseradish. When you harvest your Brussel Sprouts, pick them off the stem and bring them inside to clean them.  Peel off the outside leaves and cut off the base.

My favorite way to prepare Brussel Sprouts is in a gratin.  Lightly oil a glass baking dish and preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  Cut the Brussel Sprouts in half.  Cut up two cloves of garlic (or more) and scatter over the Brussel Sprouts.  If you do not have enough Brussel Sprouts to fill the baking dish, you can add other vegetables.  I like to add parsnips or potatoes.  Once the baking dish is filled with vegetables, add a bit of cream to cover the bottom (or milk, soy milk, or water), and top with parmesean cheese. Lightly add salt and pepper and place in the oven to bake until your vegetables are tender.  Enjoy!

I planted my Brussel Sprouts from starts in mid June.  They were started by seed in March.  These plants developed large root systems all summer and the Brussel Sprouts were ready to eat in December.  They are still producing now in January.




One thought on “Brussel Sprouts ~ a delicacy in the winter

  1. I cook brussel sprouts like that but coat them in olive oil and omit the cream. I cook them until some of the charred get black and crispy and then add more salt at the end. I’ll try this recipe soon, thanks Marisha.

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