More Squash!

Well, I still found more squash in the refrigerator so I found another recipe.

This time, Squash and black bean enchiladas.  I made the enchilada sauce from tomato paste from this past summer’s tomatoes.  It sure was fabulous!  I found this recipe on the internet.

Squash seeds are easily saved by scooping out the seeds from the inside of the squash before you bake it.  Next, I let the seeds sit briefly in water as I separate them from the slimy innards.  Then, I dry them on a screen.  This time, I took a screen from my dehydrator and placed it over the heating vent in my house.  I elevated it with lots of jars of pear butter so it had good air flow.

This year I finally learned a crucial fact about saving squash seeds.  Only the squashes that share a species name (for example C. pepo – pepo is the species) will cross. Unfortunately, that means that all summer squash will cross pollinate and they will also cross pollinate with pumpkins.  But squash from different species (like C. maxima, C. moschata, or C. mixta) will not cross pollinate with each other.

This year, if you want to save squash seeds, grow one from each of the varieties.  To avoid cross pollination with your neighbors, make sure that your squashes are separated from others of the same variety by a quarter mile.

Here are some examples of the differences.  My last post was about the glorious Lower Salmon River variety of squash (Cucurbita maxima)

I chose the Lower Salmon River Squash for its excellent winter storage qualities, its great taste, and the fact that it is an endangered variety.  Click here for a reference on other endangered varieties of vegetables that you can grow this year in your garden.




3 thoughts on “More Squash!

  1. I know this may be odd, but I was wondering if you happened to have any squash seeds left to share from the Lower Salmon River variety? I’m in the PNW and would love to try them in my garden this year, but I’m having a really hard time locating some. They have all the qualities that I’m looking for, and I’d love to help keep this variety alive.


    • Hi Julie ~
      Thanks for your comment.
      I think I still have some left. I will have to check in the seed exchange bin.
      This year, they may have crossed with Buttercup Squash from my neighbors.
      I know that Seed Dreams in Port Townsend carries Lower Salmon River.
      I will check my supply and get back to you.

      • Thank you so much for responding! I did email Tessa from Seed Dreams last night and she just wrote me to tell me that SHE HAS SOME! Yay! I’m thinking about getting two packs- one for me, one to share with my gardening neighbors and family. Interested? I’d be happy to send some none-cross polinated seeds to your door- although the buttercup/salmon mix could be fun!

        Thanks again!

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