Assess the flows on your site

Take a minute and write down all of the different things that may move throughout your site.

The first thing that you may consider is your own movements throughout the site.  Where do you go on your site and what do you do there?  Do you have seasonal patterns of movement throughout your space?  Do you have places you visit in different times of the day?  You can make an overlay on your base map to represent this analysis.

Next, you may consider how other people in your household move about the site.  Do you have animals?  What do they do throughout the day?  Are there wild animals that visit your space?  You may want to use a different color to convey this analysis on your overlay.

Another flow to consider is water.  Your rainwater falls throughout the site.  Does it pool?  Do you have wet spaces on site?  Are there spaces that you would like to be wetter?  Sometimes, you need to make an overlay just to convey the information about water onsite since it is such an important resource.

Resources are something that moves throughout a site and can create efficiency or clutter.  What are your resources onsite?  Hopefully, you see many resources to work with.  Some things I think about are compost, tools, potting supplies, nursery plants, etc.  Of course, most of these resources are traveling with a human companion.

I like to remind myself that “a resource is only a resource if it is available for use.”  By assessing the flow of resources throughout your site, you can place them in areas where they are accessible with ease.  In permaculture design, we strive to create designs that are efficient and productive.  This practice helps us have more time for enjoying other things.


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